Smash TV – So Much For 1999 Being A Dystopia….

Nothing really eventful happened last night. Perfect Dark was fired up for a bit while my son sat on me trying to take control of my game by moving my fingers around and pressing buttons for me; needless to say, it was a challenge to get anything done. It wasn’t until this morning on my bus ride to work I decided to bust out the laptop and play some Smash TV until I arrived at my destination.

My love for twin stick shooters is strong, and Smash TV is one of the many twin stick titles I enjoy playing. I was probably in 6th grade or so when I first played Smash TV. Basically the game is set in the year 1999 (keep in mind this game was released in 1991), and TV rules the nation where the more violent the programming the better. One of these TV shows is Smash TV, where “lucky” contestants enter an arena where they must shoot their way through room after room while collecting cash and prizes all at the same time. Seems like a simple task until you get beaten to death by your enemies or even worse, a shrapnel surprise!!

The controls are wicked smooth to the point where dying means you fucked up, not the game. Graphics and sound is, of course, the best 1991 had to offer but doesn’t make the game unbearable to play regardless. The key to victory is repetitive game play and memorization of each room (and there are TONS of them for that matter). There are also some cool side things to do such as collecting keys to access bonus levels at the end of the game plus the usual task of getting “the high score”, so replayability is top notch in Smash TV. My personal goal is to have the High Score table filled with my name. Once I get used to the game a lot more, I’ll try to do runs without continues. I should also try and find a copy on 360 since the game can be found on the Xbox Live Arcade.