Borderlands TPS – Let’s Go To The Moooooon

It was a pretty productive weekend (for gaming at least). Thanks to Sony’s flash sale, I managed to pick up 2 games: Far Cry 4 and Borderlands Handsome Jack Collection. I’ve already played Borderlands 2 so I jumped right into the Pre Sequel which is a title I only briefly played for a moment back in 2015.

If you’ve played a Borderlands game before, The Pre Sequel is more or less the same mechanics as it’s older brother, the second game. Adding onto 2’s formula, you now require oxygen in certain areas of the game. It can get annoying at times but I’ve grown used to the oxygen system. You get your main quest plus a slew of side quests you can complete at your own leisure. I do most if not all the side quests (depending on how “annoying” or “tedious” they may be) to build my character up  as much as I can (lawbringer).

So far with my weapons, I’ve resorted to a pistol and sniper rifle until I open up more weapon slots where I usually experiment with other weapons be it a shotgun, laser weapon, or rocket launcher. The main build so far is going towards straight damage and damage related stats. I haven’t checked out too much of the skill tree but i’ll make it appoint to do so in the future; Right now, I just wanna have some fun killing shit.

Overall, aside from some nitpicks and annoyances, I’m having fun with this title. I figured I would while I take a brief break from Destiny for the time being to explore some other games I may enjoy. Far Cry 4 is in my crosshairs after I either beat or get sick of TPS.


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