Perfect Dark – Welcome to Gaming in the Year 2000

Back in the year 2000, all I had was a PlayStation 1. I never got so much of a chance to play the Nintendo 64 unless I was at my cousin’s house which was a rarity in itself. There was actually a lot I missed out on and not on purpose either. My family always saw luxuries as something you earned, not given (and I still thank them today for not programming me into a spoiled brat), so in order for me to even have a new game or system for that matter, I had to work for it. It wasn’t until later in my life (2010 to be exact) I actually got my hands on a used Nintendo 64 and a few games; including one I can’t seem to put down even today: Perfect Dark.

Yesterday after finishing my usual Destiny duties for the night, I decided to fire up Perfect Dark and play a few games in their “Combat Simulator”, which is basically their “deathmatch” mode. I still had settings files saved that loads me up in games with bots with different difficulties (1 meat, 1 easy, 1 medium) plus it preloads my favorite map: Skedar. The controls in Perfect Dark are… laughable nowadays, and it definitely isn’t the most precious looking game today especially when viewed on an HD television. However, I got used to it fairly quick and topped the scoreboards each match only dying maybe 2 or 3 times.

Controls and graphics aside, Perfect Dark is definitely something to check out. There’s also a remastered version on the Xbox Live Arcade, although I cannot speak for it since I do not own it. Once you get used to the controls, you will be wiping out the competition in no time. Someday, I will run through the main story as soon as I get used to the controls a bit more, so look out for that soon.


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