Destiny – PVP, Just For Me

PVP is something, in any game, I like torturing myself with. As a matter of fact, the highlight of the last few matches that I had in PVP Destiny was witnessing my 2 teammates, completely oblivious to the guy that was behind them, get smacked to the ground by said guy. All jokes aside, this first round I did decent. Ranging from 0.80 kd to one match where i went positive with a 1.00 kd, I say I did alright for having a handcannon. Hand cannons need headshots, and I need to work on my headshots.

After the matches, I found a pulse rifle that was more powerful than the hand cannon. Maybe tomorrow I will have some better luck. I did make it one light level higher than I started with (326 light to 327 light). Here’s to the road to 400 (hopefully).


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